IEnka filled Chamois (Large) for Best Molecular Absorbtion

I recommend this Chamois. I have tested 10 types from $8 to $45. All things and uses considered, this is the best for molecular absorbtion. Easy to maintain. It has been around for 30 years !
Sales price: $ 20.00
Tax amount: $ 1.82

The best chamois costs over AU $28. WE sell the same EInka wowen & filled ones at $15 & $20 for the larger ones (550x550). They are dimpled and have lots of tiny holes. It is really soft and ultra pliable, unlike cheap ones. Can be used Outside and inside of cars. Also create great results on indoor furniture, car models etc. Keep rinsing and its ready for use again. the chamois can last for 10 years.

A synthetic chamois fabric having superior strength, colour and performance is described, as is a method for its production. The fabric is woven from synthetic fibre-containing yarns, then desirably lubricated and subjected to a hydraulic face finishing process which serves to soften the fabric and increase its loft. The fabric is also desirably dyed and subjected to a pill-reduction treatment. The resulting fabric has a unique combination of wash fastness, durability (both in wearing and washing), hand, wicking, soil release, crease retention, dimensional stability, and wrinkle resistance, while retaining a feel similar to that of the conventional cotton product. The fabric also has low air permeability in combination with desirable thermal insulating properties. Absorbency and non stick characteristics enhanced by holes on both surfaces.